Mystery Headache is Back

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Ugh. I’m definitely not someone to fuss over a headache. I’ve had headaches all my life. From stress, from decreasing my caffeine intake, from hangovers, from migraines, from eyestrain, etc…

But THIS particular headache I am fussing about because it is so UNLIKE any other I’ve had before. This one is very localized – the lower right backside of my head. It occasionally gives off a cooling sensation (weird). And the pain resembles labor contractions (super weird) – intense pain for a few seconds, then nothing for a few minutes, then the intense pain for a few seconds, then nothing again for a few minutes…. Over and over again for DAYS.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

And nothing will relieve it. I’ve tried every drug over the counter. I’ve tried resting and sleeping. I can feel this pain in my sleep even! I’ve tried massage and heatpacks. I even looked up some “old wives tales” / home remedies on the internet and drank some white vinegar if you want to know how desperate I was for relief. It was gross and didn’t work, btw.

So I have a doctor’s appointment today at 3. I hope they can fix me.

Your Oven is Listening to You

I seriously got frustrated when shopping for a new oven bc all the models I was looking at, were Wi-Fi enabled. The selling-point for this is that you could start pre-heating your oven remotely and it would be ready when you got home.

Soooooo unnecessary for me. And the last thing I want is to bring home yet ANOTHER device that connects to the internet. Bc I already hate how my phones and laptops are always listening to me (lol, you know they are) and this is just one more “big brother” thing keeping tabs on me.

I googled one time if my phone was listening to me, and of course I found the results I were looking for. Funny how that always happens… 😁

Anyhow, I begrudgingly bought the Wi-Fi enabled oven bc it was cheaper than the ovens without it. So they got me. I don’t plan to connect it to my internet at home but I do think it’ll be listening to me regardless so I’m still not happy about it. 😟


Lol so I had this gift card. And I just spent all but $0.01 of it. And I’m absolutely keeping it until I can spend that remaining penny.

Photo: mine

And I totally took the time to smudge out the card number to prevent somebody online from stealing my penny. Not any of you all, of course. 😁

Do you think that’s weird? Would you do the same or not bother?

In other news…

… I’ve broken my Starbucks addiction! I haven’t been in more than a week! I hope I can keep it up. Wish me luck!

I Like Things to be Easy

That’s actually how I make alot of my decisions… What’s the easiest option? Then that’s the one I do. Lol. 😂

Soooo my daughter has a bunch of toys that she doesn’t play with at all. Some have never even been taken out of their packaging!

So instead of listing them all individually on My Facebook Marketplace groups, I actually list the whole batch and literally spell it out in my post… “Hey, I don’t want to deal with selling all these individually, so to keep it easy for me, I’m selling it all together at once for $$$.”

And I immediately get flooded with messages like “How much for the Descendants doll by itself?”. Do people on Facebook not know how to comprehend what they read!? (Lol don’t answer that).

Anyhow, a lady did message me saying she wanted the entire batch and she set a time and place to meet me TODAY. I agreed.

Then a second lady messaged me wanting the entire batch and I told her that if the first lady changed her mind, then I’ll let her know and she can buy next. She agreed.

At this point I’m feeling pretty good about my deal and I pack my car with all the items… Here’s a pic.

Photo: mine

And… right before I leave my house to meet her, the first lady messages me and says that she can’t find her debit card to withdraw the $$$ so she can longer meet me. She says she’ll have to order a new debit card and she doesn’t want me to miss out on a sale while waiting on that so it’s ok if I go ahead and sell to the next person.

So I reached out to the 2nd lady and told her that everything is ready for her to buy next, and I can SEE that she’s read my message several hours ago but no response at all so at this point I’ve been ghosted.


Needless to say, I’m kinda annoyed that I’m now stuck with a trunkful of toys and nowhere to take them. I guess I’ll take them to Goodwill before I unload them into my house again.

Habit Breaking Attempt

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Happy September everyone! There’s only 4 months left of the year, can you believe it?

And I still haven’t broken my newly developed Starbucks addiction. Part of the problem is that it is super-tasty. The other part is that it gives me a reason to leave the house everyday and get myself a (well-deserved) treat. Bc except for my daily Starbucks run, I’d be stuck at home all day. Every day. It’s a total burnout for me. I need a pleasant reason to get out.

But the #1 reason why I’m trying to break this habit is because I don’t want to spend $150/month on coffee. It’s just not in my budget right now.

So, I just bought some flavored coffee from the grocery and am going to try to poorly imitate the yummy iced caramel macchiato. This only cost me $1.50 a bottle vs the $4.55 a cup from Starbucks. So, I’m saving at least $3 a day doing this instead.

Hopefully, this will help me stop getting into the Starbucks drive-thru line everyday.

But now I need to come up with something else (free!) that’ll get me out of the house everyday. Going to the grocery doesn’t count bc it costs me $$$ AND I don’t even enjoy it so it’s not a treat.

FYI, I just tasted my new DIY coffee at home and it’s nowhere NEAR as delicious as the Starbucks one. I stink at this. 😂

Indulgence Fail

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I’m definitely a cheapskate when it comes to buying anything for myself. When I go out to eat, I always order a water with my meal. So if I want a soda then I’ll make myself wait until I get home bc the generic 12-pack soda for $2.50 is much cheaper than the restaurant and I won’t over-drink with all the free refills (less calories too!)

Lol that’s just the first example that came to mind, I’m sure I’ll share more as I continue blogging.

So, definitely there are some places that are complete no-no’s for me. Starbucks is one of them. Overall, I just feel that they are over-priced and too sweet and unnecessary calories for me. No offense to Starbucks fans out there, of course. Love y’all! 😀

Well… someone had given me a $25 Starbucks gift card and I decided to use it on myself instead of giving it to someone else. And… that was the beginning of the end for me.

I tried their small iced caramel macchiato for $4.66. And it was amazing.

So I went back the next day for another.

And I went back the next day.

And I went back the next day.

And I went back the next day.

And I went back the next day but my gift card was short and I had to pay the remainder with cash. And I told myself, this is a sad day bc this is my last one. And I threw away the empty gift card to rid myself of the memory.

But you guys… I went back the next day!!!!! And every day since then too. It’s been a whole week now and this is definitely not like me.

I have to figure out how to break this cycle. I’m certainly a creature of habit too and this has fallen into my daily routine now and I’d rather it not be. It’ll cost me about $150 a month if I don’t break from it and I need to allocate that much money elsewhere.

Wish me luck!

Gifting, Re-Gifting, and Reciprocity

Anyone else as stressed out about gifting as I am?!

This is on my mind bc I’m getting a bonus next week from work and I’m seriously considering buying all my Xmas gifts with it (lol, yes in August) bc there’s so much uncertainty about if I’ll still have a job in Dec. And with this year being so abnormal I kinda want my family’s Xmas to be as close to normal as possible.

And I actually enjoy gifting. EXCEPT the part where they give me something in return. Gosh, I HATE receiving gifts.

My problem is that I’m not a materialistic person, so I don’t obtain much pleasure in acquiring things, and I never go shopping for myself except for essentials. Acquiring things actually causes more of a burden on me bc I get anxiety when things are out of place or when things don’t yet have a place. So when I receive something it usually sits out on my counter until I can create a “place” for it. And my space is very limited here so it does create a stress for me. I wish I could explain better why it drives me so crazy.

I actually re-gift ALOT too. Like, all the time. But it doesn’t help my dilemma bc every time I gift or re-gift, then they reciprocate and I get something back. So I’m at square one all over again. I don’t make any progress.

Lol I can actually vent about this topic forever but I feel like y

Memory Breakdown

Hi everyone! I was on my morning walk today and came up with an amazing topic to post about. I remember being super-motivated about it and couldn’t wait to get started.

Then I get home and did my routine morning chores and tasks…

… and by the time I had a moment to myself where I could open up my blog and write it out, it was gone!

Argh! I was so angry too! I revisited everything I could recall thinking about today and seriously explored what it possibly could’ve been! What was it?!

I’m terribly distracted now – obsessed even – with remembering what my idea was. It’s making me crazy. I can’t focus on anything else.

This has actually been happening to me more and more often, which frustrates me because I used to have a fabulous memory and I’m not used to being so forgetful. Makes me feel confused and chaotic.

Oh well… I wonder if it will ever pop up into my head again… I bet it’s gone forever… 😦

Cleaning out my Hoard Closet

I’m staying at my parents house this week and they’ve given me the task of cleaning out my closet. This is not a fun task folks. Bc I have a whole lot of nonsense is this darn closet.

For example, for some reason I’ve hoarded every Rolling Stone magazine from 1992-1997. Like, why would I do that? Now, I’ve got to figure out what to do with all of them and I’m stumped.

I don’t want to throw them all away, as that seems too wasteful.

I don’t want to itemize each one and list them on eBay bc I haven’t got the time. And I haven’t got the space to keep them until they (maybe/probably not) sell.

I kinda want to just bring them all somewhere, to a place where they’ll be taken care of. I’m thinking a library or such.

Anyhow, that’s my dilemma. I wonder what I’ll end up doing about it.