New Blog To-Do List

New blog here, folks!

And I’m trying to plan out how to get it running full steam ahead as easily as possible. Below is a to-do list of my immediate ideas, but comment below if you have any extra ideas or feel like I’m missing something. After all, you all are the experts compared to me…

1) Complete my “About Me” page. [Status: mostly done]

2) Customize my blog layout and pages to make it feel like my own. [Status: mostly done]

3) Align all my social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest, etc… They currently have different account names and icons that I need to covert so they all match each other. I think the professionals call it branding. [Status: updated Pinterest only].

4) Link all my social media accounts to this blog.

5) Find other blogs out there that I enjoy and follow them / leave comments so they know I exist. I don’t want to be invisible forever. 🙂

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