TV in the Background

One thing that’s been happening in my house since the lockdown started is that I’ve been leaving the TV on in the background while I work from home.

And some things will catch my attention better than others… such as DNA test results, lie detector test results, or Dr. Phil getting onto a disgruntled teenager. Lol.

I just don’t like working in complete silence. For some reason that doesn’t make sense, I can’t focus or concentrate in silence. It’s like, the quiet makes my mind wander. But if there’s a potential distraction going on instead – for me to half-pay-attention to – then I can accomplish my work task at hand.

Funny that I’m the same way about falling asleep, as I need the TV on. I don’t have to be watching it actively, it just has to be on. Quiet and stillness is not my friend at bedtime.

I know it’s weird. I’m just wondering if anyone else is the same way. But definitely don’t start doing it if you’re not already, bc everything I’ve read on the internet about it says sleeping with the TV on is bad.

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