Memory Breakdown

Hi everyone! I was on my morning walk today and came up with an amazing topic to post about. I remember being super-motivated about it and couldn’t wait to get started.

Then I get home and did my routine morning chores and tasks…

… and by the time I had a moment to myself where I could open up my blog and write it out, it was gone!

Argh! I was so angry too! I revisited everything I could recall thinking about today and seriously explored what it possibly could’ve been! What was it?!

I’m terribly distracted now – obsessed even – with remembering what my idea was. It’s making me crazy. I can’t focus on anything else.

This has actually been happening to me more and more often, which frustrates me because I used to have a fabulous memory and I’m not used to being so forgetful. Makes me feel confused and chaotic.

Oh well… I wonder if it will ever pop up into my head again… I bet it’s gone forever… 😦

4 thoughts on “Memory Breakdown

  1. I certainly feel your pain. Unless I write it down, I’ll forget. One thing I did as a nurse (cos I hated nurses writing all over their hands) was to put a tiny ink dot in that crease between my forefinger and my thumb, then press on it with my other forefinger and thumb, just for good luck 😉 to remind me of something.
    It always worked and I still use it now 🙂

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