Fix It Sunday

So I finally got some time this weekend to try to fix up some things that needed it on my blog.

I changed my template.

I started an Instagram for my blog and here’s a link to it if you’re an Insta fan:

I figured out how to create a new page and feed certain posts to it. This one was tricky and took ALOT of googling to figure out, and even more trial-and-error. But I finally made it work using Categories.

If you’re a newbie like me, then Categories can be difficult to figure out. There are basically 3 locations you need to make Categories feed certain posts to a specific page.

  1. Dashboard > Posts > Categories
    • This is where you create your Category and describe it
  2. Dashboard > Pages
    • This is where you create your new Page
  3. Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
    • This is where you assign a Category to a Page, so that certain posts (labelled with that specific Category) will automatically feed to that Page.
    • You use the “Add Menu Item” section, and double-check that when your Page gets added to the “Menu Structure” section, that it is labelled as “Category” instead of “Page”.

I have a sneaking suspicion that different templates can react differently to this, so just keep double-checking on your live site that you’re happy with it.

But I still can’t figure out how in the world to make my site icon pic show up everywhere. I’ve been googling the answer and I’ve tried everything I found as a potential solution but it STILL doesn’t show up. It’s definitely saved as a site icon and meets the size dimensions (which is the first thing I checked), but I’m stumped as to why it doesn’t appear.

Image Source: Me

Have you guys run into this? What fixed it for you? 😦

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