First Travel Post

I’m looking forward to posting about all my travels! It’s definitely one of my favorite things about my life, and something I believe I would enjoy sharing with you. It started when I was a kid and my parents took me all over the world.

Image Source: Me

And now as an adult, I used to travel quite frequently for work, at least once a month for the last several years. To a variety of cool destinations too. I’ll be sharing those past trips with all of you as I dig-up those photos from my archives.

But since coronovirus happened to the world, I haven’t travelled anywhere except to my parent’s house. They live in a different state. And I drove there to avoid all the planes and airports.

Next week, I’m going to try to travel to the beach! There are hurricanes in the forecast so that might cancel the plan. And I’m still avoiding planes and airports so I’ll be on the road again.

But if it works out, I’ll definitely post the pics and share any interesting stories. I can’t wait!

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