Halloween is my Fave Holiday

We all know that Halloween is coming up and it is definitely my favorite holiday of all time!

I enjoy the costumes, and getting to dress-up, and being able to PRETEND to be someone else for a few hours.

I’m a weirdo and I usually start planning and gathering everything I need for costumes in the summer. Mostly because I hate the annual Halloween pop-up stores – they’re too crowded, over-priced, nothing will fit correctly right off the shelf, and everything is handled and picked-through. Gross.

So I usually start prepping WAY in advance, but the prices are better and it gives me alot more time to make sure I’m happy with it and overall it’s a much less stressful experience for me.

Anyhow… I personally don’t dress up as much anymore since I’m usually focused on my daughter and her costume instead. She has an epic one planned for this year, and we’re all prepped and ready to go. I’ll keep it a secret until the big day but I can’t wait to share it with you all!

(Lol, if you can guess it in advance, I have a fun prize for you).

But in the meantime… I can post some pics of past costumes for you. I love Halloween!

Here’s a pic of my daughter dressed as Mal from Disney’s “The Descendants”.

Image Source: Me

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