Pool vs Beach

So which type of person are you? A pool person or a beach person?

I’m convinced that I’m definitely more of a pool person bc I get antsy over sand in my suit and my shoes and tracking sand into the condo so that I can still feel it hours later when I’m walking around in my bare feet.

Like, sand is kinda cool in the moment. But it’s a jerk afterwards for sure.

Image Source: Me

22 thoughts on “Pool vs Beach

  1. Hahaha I am also definitely pool person… chlorine kills germs lol… and I donโ€™t have to worry about sharks or sting rays or salt stinging my eyes lol

    I feel cleaner with the pool lol โœŒ๏ธ feel much more at ease with pool

    But I do love the peace and serenity of the beach and searching for seashells โค๏ธ

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